King Power Company’s clean green methane gas (aka natural gas) can be made economically from renewable energy sources utilizing wind, solar, and hydro power

King Power Company's natural gas has many advantages over alternatives...

  • Can be immediately distributed into existing infrastructure and does not need any special or unknown equipment
  • Pricing is competitive with market LNG (liquefied natural gas).
  • Distribution of KPOW’s natural gas versus LNG is more efficient because existing lines can be utilized immediately upon production
  • Can also be added to existing geo methane gas already in the pipeline without any difficulty, avoiding expensive special ships, handling, vaporization tanks, and specialized receiving ports

Power your facility with reliable and clean energy

Our electricity generation and distribution systems utilize a variety of sources to guarantee 24/7 power, no matter what the weather may be outside.

There's no need to sacrifice heating and cooling in order to be eco-friendly

Our technology can support your company's heating and cooling and water heating at competitive prices. Contact us directly for more information.

Pure oxygen. Now that's a breath of fresh air

King Power Company has the capacity to provide oxygen at competitive prices.

Please contact us directly about your hydrogen needs.

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